Home Styling

Effective space planning and making minor changes in the right places with furniture and accessories you already have could give your property an instant lift. We help you to style your new home or rejuvenate your property, giving it a more coordinated and stylish feel by incorporating textures, colours and accessories.

If you are selling or struggling to sell your property, home styling helps to convey a lifestyle and motivate potential buyers to mentally move in, therefore increasing your chances of securing a sale. Home styling can showcase either a formal, high end, young, trendy or family friendly environment which target buyers can identify with, and sets it apart from the other properties on the market.

home styling in st albans

We style your property to maximise its potential and make it stand out, get noticed and attract the right buyers in a competitive market.

We aim to keep the costs down by making use of existing furniture, soft furnishings and decorative accessories. The aim is to create a neutral, de-personalised yet stylish space which the target buyers will fall in love with. Additional pieces of furniture and accessories can be hired or purchased, if needed, to complete the look.

We provide a proposal and mood board showing the scheme of our design. We source the furniture and accessories required, and complete the installation and styling. The property will then be ready to be photographed for marketing and shown to potential buyers. Kerb appeal starts online during the property search. A well presented and photographed property will stand out and grab buyers’ attention, and enhance your chances of achieving a faster sale.

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