Product Sourcing

We source interior products for interior designers, stylists, home owners, architects and collectors worldwide. You may need a specific item to complete an interior design or styling project – a unique mirror handcrafted by local artisan tradesmen, a special paint colour, wallpaper, lampshade, rug, chandelier, artwork and accessories for your home, or a restored antique armchair or clock for a new restaurant that you are designing. Just that something to help personalise your project.

We source quality products made in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. This can be a bespoke item made to your requirement, or a desirable product which is difficult to procure from your location. We regularly attend trade shows to keep abreast with the latest design innovations, trends and talents.

The product sourcing process starts with understanding your requirements, budget and timeframe. The process might be straightforward for a standard product, or it might take a little longer if we need to track down a specific supplier or craftsmen for a unique item. Bespoke items usually has a production lead time, therefore it is advisable to allow plenty of time for the sourcing process.

Once a product has been sourced, we will arrange for it to be packaged, insured and delivered to your specified location.

Contact us to let us help you with product sourcing, even if it’s just that one item, to complete your project and create your dream home.