Show Home

We stage and style show homes for developers. Home staging can either be for the entire house, key rooms only such as living room, master bedroom, dining room and bathroom, or just styling it with accessories, depending on the available budget and timeframe.

Staging a refurbished or converted property, to create a show home, puts the final finishing touches on all the development work that have been carried out. It helps developers to showcase the quality finishes, space, design and style that they set out to deliver to their target buyers. A property always looks bigger when it is staged, as the space are clearly defined and utilised. Clever placement of accessories will draw the eyes to focus on the property’s best qualities, and make it feel cosier and brighter than a blank, empty space, to create an effective show home impression.

Show home in London

We can work to your budget. We understand that most of the investments would have been allocated to materials, labour and financing the property or land purchase. Staging the property for sale, after all the hard work have been done, is sometimes not high on the priority list. However it is no less important and should not be overlooked to achieve a show home result.

A simply but professionally staged show home could be just as effective as an expensively staged one, but will definitely be more desirable than a cold, empty and characterless property. We can help you to transform your project into a warm and cosy home, which most potential buyers would prefer.

Show Home London

We provide show home styling and staging services in various locations, including London,  and various towns within Hertfordshire, such as St Albans, Berkhamsted, Radlett, Redbourn,Watford, Wheathampstead, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and Tring.