Inkerman Road, St Albans – Stage for Sale

This lovely victorian terraced property is located on Inkerman Road in St Albans – an area with an important and rich industrial history. In Victorian times, this part of town used to be where many of the straw hat factories were located. The tightly-knit streets of terraced houses were mostly factory workers’ cottages. Walking around the area today, remnants of its hat making industrial past is still very much evident, with The Old Hat Factory and Milliner’s Court standing out proudly as modern residential conversions just around the corner.

This property is a traditional two-up two-down with a front and back garden, a rare off-street parking space and is a 5 mins walk to the station. After a thoughtful and sympathetic renovation, the house was listed for sale but attracted little interests. The main feedbacks were that it lacked a dining space, and the small box room couldn’t possibly fit in a single bed.

Our immediate focus was to address these two key areas. By repositioning the sofa, we zoned in the lounge area, and created a cosy dining area without blocking the access into the kitchen. We furnished the single bedroom to make it a functional room, thereby adding value.

We started the process by creating mood boards to showcase our concept to the clients. This was very well received and they liked the stylish theme and designs we put together.

We divided the squarish living room into lounge, dining and reading zones while adopting the very current industrial, tropical and laid-back theme, balancing the history of the building and the profile of the discerning and trendy target buyers.

The kitchen was simply styled with eye-catching ornaments to add colour and texture, and kitchen staples for a homely feel.

The master bedroom has a pastel green feature wall, grey bedspread and curtains. We ran with the pastel theme by adding an abstract artwork, throw cushions and a statement mirror for a luxurious feel. The result is a soft, dreamy and inviting bedroom.

The single bedroom was the biggest challenge and potential buyers struggled to see pass it as being more than just a little box room. The brief from the client was just to add a bed to showcase it as a usable bedroom. We went further by adding a writing desk to extend its purpose, making use of every bit of available space to add value. With the careful use of shapes, materials and colours, we created a memorable room which became the talking point of the house.

The stylish monochrome bathroom is right on trend and only requires the addition of a splash of colour to link it in with the other rooms.