Old Dairy Farm, St Albans – Stage for Rental

This property, in St Albans, is a unique and charming one bedroom terraced house converted from an old dairy farm. This part of the house was built in the 1920s in an Art Deco style. It used to be the office where customers would come and pay for their milk deliveries.

The property was tenanted for a number of years. It has an open-plan living and dining space. After the last tenants moved out, it was re-listed for let completely unfurnished. Potential tenants who viewed the property struggled to visualise where they could place a dining table in addition to a sofa in the small open-plan room.

We staged the property by clearly defining the two key zones in the room – the living area and the dining area. The living area accommodated a 3-seater sofa comfortably. We used a couple of round nest of coffee tables instead of one large coffee table and this made the area feel more spacious. We further zoned it with an elegant rug. Visually, a living zone was created.

The dining area was simply defined by a strategically placed mirror, which gave the illusion of depth and space, a dining table and two chairs. It was then dressed and transformed into a cosy and homely dining space.The bedroom was staged with an elegantly dressed double bed, bedside tables, lamps, artwork and accessories.

The bedroom has high ceiling and the mirrored wardrobe doors made it look double in size. We used a high headboard in proportion with the ceiling height and added lamps with metallic bases to give it a high end and luxurious look.

The kitchen was styled with carefully chosen items which added shapes, colour and texture to the monochrome room.

The property was let immediately by Cassidy and Tate after home staging, and subsequently sold with tenancy in placed, to an investor, at the asking price.