Interior Design

We love working with our clients to create their ideal home.

Before we start with any design, we would discuss your requirements with you in great detail. What work for you currently, and what don’t? Is there a particular style or colour scheme that you like? What is your storage criteria? Any requirement for a big entertainment space? Do you have or are planning to have any pets? Every requirement needs to be considered so that we can factor them into the design of your home.

After the initial consultation, we would begin to look into space planning. This involves designing the layout of the individual room to optimise the usage of the available spaces. 

The third stage is when we present you with the mood boards and actual materials to be used. This would include fabrics, wallpapers, paint colours, flooring and hardware finishes that would make up the chosen schemes. You will have many options to choose from before signing off on the final selection. We will also present our bespoke joinery designs, including kitchen cabinetry, bathroom storage, bedroom wardrobes and living room shelvings and storage units for approval.

Once the designs and materials have been signed off, we would kick off the process of furniture and materials sourcing.

We work with our team of skilled tradespeople to deliver the design and oversee the work through to completion. This includes managing the budget, timeline, on-site supervision and keeping you posted on progress,